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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Media Arts Organizations: Operating

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Deadline Date: March 1, 2023
Cunningham, Holly, North Bay
Johnson, Naomi, Hamilton
Mohamed, Renata, Toronto

Advisory panels are used to provide advice and help set priorities in many granting competitions at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). Advisory panels do not make grant decisions. Officers make final grant recommendations to OAC’s CEO and board based on advisors’ comments, OAC priorities, the program budget and the number of applications to the program. In Years 2 and 3 of a multi-year cycle, requests are reviewed by the officer and not an advisory panel.

To safeguard the integrity of the peer assessment process, we do not allow anyone who has a direct conflict of interest with an application to serve on an assessment panel where that application is to be reviewed. Indirect conflicts of interest are managed by a standard OAC procedure.
Number of Applications:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Multi-Year Operating - Year 3
Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa, $26,674
Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, Toronto, $45,344
Charles Street Video, Toronto, $48,172
Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival, Sudbury, $50,323
Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) - formerly SAW Video, Ottawa, $54,113
Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Guelph, $44,550
Factory Media Centre, Hamilton, $20,196
Hot Docs, Toronto, $79,767
Images Festival, Toronto, $59,035
imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, Toronto, $95,593
Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, Toronto, $58,541
InterAccess, Toronto, $47,161
Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Kingston, $9,841
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Toronto, $51,348
Media City Film Festival, Windsor, $20,221
Near North Mobile Media Lab Collective, North Bay, $20,233
New Adventures In Sound Art, South River, $27,075
Planet in Focus, Toronto, $20,301
Pleasure Dome, Toronto, $18,519
Reelout Arts Project Inc, Kingston, $15,261
ReFrame Film Festival, Peterborough, $11,567
Southern Currents Film and Video Collective, Toronto, $18,679
Toronto Animated Image Society, Toronto, $29,769
Toronto Jewish Film Foundation/Festival, Toronto, $24,979
Toronto Outdoor Picture Show, Toronto, $16,676
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Toronto, $40,481
Trinity Square Video, Toronto, $41,700
Vtape, Toronto, $50,420

Artengine, Ottawa, $13,319
Caribbean Tales Inc., Toronto, $17,490
Dames Making Games, Toronto, $21,000
Hand Eye Society, Toronto, $12,000
REEL CANADA, Toronto, $50,000
Reelworld Screen Institute, Toronto, $31,500
Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, $46,677
South Western International Film Festival, Sarnia, $24,116
Sudbury Indie Cinema, Sudbury, $28,000
The Female Eye Film Festival, Woodbridge, $21,000
Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, $26,250
Weengushk Film Institute, M'Chigeeng, $73,500