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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Deadline Date: March 1, 2018
Castonguay, Teresa, Warkworth
Christakos, Demetra, Sudbury
Jimmy, Elwood, Toronto
Lubrin, Canisia, Whitby
Nasogaluak Carpenter, Jade, Edmonton (written assessment)
scott, peter, Toronto
Weaver, Shara, Ottawa

Advisory panels are used to provide advice and help set priorities in many granting competitions at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). Advisory panels do not make grant decisions. Officers make final grant recommendations to the OAC Director & CEO and the OAC board based on advisors' comments, OAC priorities, the program budget and the number of applications to the program. In Year 2 and 3 of a multi-year cycle, requests are reviewed by the officer and not an advisory panel.

To safeguard the integrity of the peer assessment process, we do not allow anyone who has a direct conflict of interest with an application to serve on an assessment panel where that application is to be reviewed. Indirect conflicts of interest are managed by a standard OAC procedure.
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Multi-Year Operating - Year 1
Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones, Sturgeon Falls, $29,489
AOE Arts Council, Ottawa, $41,772
Arts Council - Windsor & Region, Windsor, $25,699
Arts Etobicoke, Toronto, $44,933
ArtsBuild Ontario, Kitchener, $20,067
Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists - Ontario Chapter, Toronto, $9,070
Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, Ottawa, $6,141
Canadian Dance Assembly, Toronto, $26,349
Canadian League of Composers / Ligue canadienne des compositeurs, Toronto, $10,960
Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, $103,298
CAPACOA, Ottawa, $27,039
CARFAC Ontario, Toronto, $72,500
Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, Toronto, $34,921
Dance Ontario Association, Toronto, $20,979
Dancer Transition Resource Centre, Toronto, $53,808
Documentary Organization of Canada, Toronto, $30,564
Folk Music Ontario, Ottawa, $47,872
Hamilton Arts Council, Hamilton, $9,320
Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA), Toronto, $39,529
Kingston Arts Council, Kingston, $14,669
League of Canadian Poets, Toronto, $65,509
Magazines Canada, Toronto, $95,216
MANO/RAMO, Toronto, $25,196
Mississauga Arts Council, Mississauga, $32,058
Nia Centre for the Arts, Toronto, $27,125
Ontario Association of Art Galleries, Toronto, $66,305
Ontario Book Publishers Organization, Toronto, $10,837
Ontario Presents, Toronto, $81,483
Opera.ca, Toronto, $26,176
Orchestras Canada / Orchestres Canada, Peterborough, $76,581
Playwrights Guild of Canada, Toronto, $58,348
Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT), Toronto, $51,904
Scarborough Arts, Toronto, $24,145
The Literary Press Group of Canada, Toronto, $42,284
The Writers' Union of Canada, Toronto, $122,001
Theatre Ontario, Toronto, $64,700
Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, Toronto, $26,123
WorkInCulture, Toronto, $29,026

Artist-Run Centres & Collectives of Ontario, North Bay, $28,219
Arts Council - Haliburton Highlands, Haliburton, $7,919
Choirs Ontario, Toronto, $11,315
Craft Ontario, Toronto, $93,728
Cultural Industries Ontario North, Sudbury, $50,953
Electric City Culture Council, Peterborough, $15,000
FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association, Toronto, $24,778
Guelph Arts Council, Guelph, $9,575
Inuit Art Foundation, Toronto, $50,000
London Arts Council, London, $47,500
Mural Routes, Toronto, $20,000
North York Arts, Toronto, $30,000
Ottawa Arts Council, Ottawa, $15,537
Prince Edward County Arts Council, Picton, $15,350
Quinte Arts Council, Belleville, $9,366
South Simcoe Arts Council, Alliston, $6,273
Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada, Toronto, $10,000
York Region Arts Council, Newmarket, $19,203