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Playwright Residency

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: April 1, 2015
Davies, Heather, Stratford
Recinos, Joseph, Toronto
Roy, Anusree, Toronto
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Atkins, Damien, Toronto, $10,000 (with Factory Theatre)
Brown, Briana, Toronto, $3,500 (with Driftwood Theatre Group)
Chatterton, Anna, Hamilton, $10,000 (with Nightwood Theatre)
Crawford, Mark, Toronto, $10,000 (with Blyth Festival)
Dixon, Beau, Peterborough, $10,000 (with 4th Line Theatre)
Dixon, Sean, Toronto, $10,000 (with Theatrefront)
Heiti, Matthew, Sudbury, $10,000 (with Pat the Dog Theatre Creation)
Hernandez, Catherine, Toronto, $10,000 (with Nightswimming)
Johnson, Britta, Toronto, $5,000 (co-applicant); Farb, Sara, Stratford, $5,000 (co-applicant) (with Acting Up Stage Company)
Lena, Suvendrini, Toronto, $6,000 (with Cahoots Theatre Company)
Mandlowitz, Jordan, Toronto, $10,000 (with Carousel Players)
Núñez, Mariló, Hamilton, $10,000 (with Aluna Theatre)
Small, Rosamund, Toronto, $10,000 (with Theatre Passe Muraille)
Webber, Evan, Toronto, $10,000 (with Tarragon Theatre)