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Deadline Date: August 5, 2015
Kantor, Elizabeth, Toronto
Miwa, Matt, Ottawa
Parmar, Sarena, Toronto
Pasyk, Peter, Burlington
Sheehy, Kathleen, Kitchener
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
AnOther Theatre Company, Toronto, $6,000
Azure River, Toronto, $9,500
Canada Clown, Toronto, $11,000
Common Roof, Simcoe, $6,000
Cow Over Moon Children's Theatre, Mississauga, $7,500
The Dead Roads Collective, Toronto, $4,500
Directors Lab North, Toronto, $7,500
Edge of the Woods Theatre, Huntsville, $12,000
Eldritch Theatre, Toronto, $15,000
Essential Collective Theatre, St. Catharines, $8,000
Firebrand Theatre, Peterborough, $8,000
Fournier, Susanna, Toronto, $3,000
Fresh Meat DIY Theatre Fest, Ottawa, $8,500
Girls in Bow Ties, Toronto, $13,000
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre, Ottawa, $5,750
Independent Auntie Productions, Toronto, $14,500
Latif, Shaista, Toronto, $2,500
Lester Trips (Theatre), Toronto, $11,000
Little Black Afro, Mississauga, $7,300
Lukawski, Viktor, Milton, $8,500
the MAKE, Hamilton, $6,000
Mi Casa Theatre, Ottawa, $4,000
MotionLive Collective, Toronto, $16,000
Mysterious Entity Theatre, Peterborough, $9,000
The Norm Foster Theatre Festival, St. Catharines, $12,000
PLAYINGwithCRAYONS, Toronto, $13,000
Progress Collective, Toronto, $4,000
QuipTake, Toronto, $2,500
Quote Unquote Collective, Toronto, $4,000
Red Snow Collective, Toronto, $13,500
reWork Productions, Toronto, $9,000
Say it With Conviction, Sudbury, $6,928
Shakespeare in the Ruff, Toronto, $11,500
The Suck and Blow Collective, Thornhill, $7,000
Theatre 4.669, Ottawa, $5,000
Theatre Non Nobis, Toronto, $8,000
Tottering Biped Theatre, Burlington, $5,000
Twitches & Itches, St. Catharines, $2,700