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Deadline Date: November 17, 2015
Aubin, Daniel, Sudbury
Kataoka, Serena, North Bay
Kennedy, Matthew, Kenora
Ranger, Robin, Thunder Bay
Strapp, Rihkee, Sault Ste Marie
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Arpin, Nadine, Sioux Lookout, $15,000
Bissonnette, Thierry, Sudbury, $10,000
Copeland, Darren, South River, $8,500
Dupuis, Jamie, Sudbury, $9,600
Flash Frame Film and Video Network, Thunder Bay, $15,000
Future in Safe Hands Collective, Sturgeon Falls, $10,000
Harpelle, Ronald, Thunder Bay, $12,000
Hidden Roots Collective, North Bay, $15,000
Johnson, Ira, Thunder Bay, $5,957
King Gold, Sarah, Sudbury, $3,080
Kiwenzie, Bryden, Sudbury, $13,750
Lafrance, Mariana, Little Current, $7,426
Lathem, Jaymie, North Bay, $7,500
Pendziwol, Jean, Thunder Bay , $5,000
Pulp & Paper Studio, Thunder Bay, $14,900
Robinson, Christian, Sudbury, $6,100 (co-applicant); Lemay, Robert, Sudbury, $6,100 (co-applicant)
Skowronski, Piotr, Thunder Bay, $9,000
Superior Theatre Festival, Thunder Bay, $12,000
Temiskaming Screening Room, New Liskeard, $12,680
Thinking Rock Community Arts, Thessalon, $15,000
We Live Up Here Urban Arts, Sudbury, $14,047
YES Theatre, Sudbury, $13,000