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Deadline Date: December 8, 2015
Brulée, Melanie, Toronto (French panel)
Couture, Christa, Toronto (English panel)
De Roover, Jean-Paul, Thunder Bay (English panel)
Durrant, Melanie, Bolton (English panel)
Ellias, Roddy, Ottawa (English panel)
Fie Guihede, Olympe, Ottawa (French panel)
Ramsay, Anthony, Kitchener (English panel)
Sauvé, Daniel, Ottawa (French panel)

Juries are generally used to assess grants to individuals at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). Juries evaluate applications using specific program criteria and decide which applicants should receive grants. In programs that do not have pre-determined grant levels, they also determine the amount of each grant. The number of grants and the amounts are based on the program budget. Jury decisions are authorized by the OAC Director & CEO.

To safeguard the integrity of the peer assessment process, we do not allow anyone who has a direct conflict of interest with an application to serve on a jury or an advisory panel where that application is to be reviewed. Indirect conflicts of interest are managed by a standard OAC procedure.
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Abraham, Timothy, Toronto, $3,400
Ajasin, Yetunde, Toronto, $6,876
Aldcroft, Ken, Toronto, $3,600
Allemano, Angelina, Toronto, $9,000
Bellaviti, Sean, Toronto, $9,000
Borrell Morales, Yaniusky, Ajax, $3,400
Breit, Kevin, Guelph, $3,600
Brillinger, Alysha, Kitchener, $3,400
Card, Harley, Toronto, $5,782
Cervini, Ernesto, Toronto, $8,500
Chambers, Jeremy, Brampton, $8,500
Chrétien, Pierre, Ottawa, $8,820
Chvostek, Annabelle, Toronto, $3,400
Davis, Tafari, Toronto, $8,500
Dirty Dishes, Toronto, $3,600
Doire, Cindy, Toronto, $3,800
Downing, Andrew, Toronto, $4,000
Driver, Ryan, Toronto, $9,000
Duval, Danielle, Toronto, $9,000
Ellis, Karen, Toronto, $8,500
The Elwins, Keswick, $6,650
Faulknor, Mark, Burlington, $3,400
Frank, Shaun, Toronto, $3,600
Garvey, Richard, Guelph, $3,600
Gill, Tania, Toronto, $3,600
Gillis, David, Vineland, $8,940
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales, Toronto, $3,600
Goheen, Laura, Hamilton, $4,000
Goldberg, Eve, Toronto, $3,400
The Goods Music, Newmarket, $8,500
Grieve, Scotty, Waterloo, $8,500
Haolin Munk, Stoney Creek, $6,372
Hill, Lacey, Brantford, $8,500
The Holy Gasp, Toronto, $9,000
Homère, Jeff, Ottawa, $7,500
Horvat, Frank, Toronto, $3,600
Hoyi, Yaovi, Ottawa, $4,000
Jane, Ashley, Toronto, $1,500
Kannangara, Tara, Toronto, $7,309
Katz, Peter, Toronto, $3,600
Kc Roberts and the Live Revolution, Toronto, $9,000
McLeod, Alexander, Ohsweken, $8,500
McNulty, Kelsey, Toronto, $5,130
Meisters, Meghan, Toronto, $9,000
Mitchel, Amhed, Toronto, $7,800
Murphy, Paul, Toronto, $4,000
Naiman, Arnie, Aurora, $7,200
Naiman, Hannah, Toronto, $9,000
Nyabyenda, Donat, Toronto, $10,000
Panwar, Hemant, Toronto, $9,000
Patterson, Roy, Hamilton, $1,800
Paxton-Beesley, Thomas, Toronto, $3,400
Payne, Frank, Brampton, $8,500
PEERS, Toronto, $3,600
Les Petits Nouveaux, Toronto, $8,475
Pottruff, Galyn, Toronto, $8,910
Poulsen, Darryl, Toronto, $4,000
Rakotomamonjy, Dieudonné, Toronto, $3,600
Ratcliffe, Kim, Toronto, $3,600
Regis, Ferline, Ottawa, $3,600
Rice, Robert, Toronto, $4,000
Rivero, Omar, Ottawa, $3,600
Rutledge, Justin, Wellington, $3,600
Schumann, Tasha, Toronto, $3,400
Sengupta, Preetam, Guelph, $4,000
Sigesmund, Darren, Toronto, $9,000
Simpson, Ansley, Toronto, $3,600
Slean, Sarah, Toronto, $10,000
Thugli, Toronto, $3,600
Tollar, Ernie, Toronto, $3,600
Tosoff, Amanda, Toronto, $3,400
Tsering, Dorjee, Toronto, $9,000
UKTACA, Toronto, $8,000
Venkatarangam, Juhaish, Ottawa, $4,000 
Vincent de Paul, Shan, Toronto, $6,000
Wallace, Chris, Toronto, $2,000
Woodhead, David, Toronto, $8,500