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Deadline Date: February 3, 2015
Blackwell, Kim, Toronto
Boyes-Manseau, Madeleine, Gatineau
Quigley, Laura, Guelph
Scott, Andrea, Toronto
Webb, Rudy, Brechin
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
The 20K Collective, Toronto, $14,000
Appledore Productions, Toronto, $16,000
Architect Theatre, Toronto, $8,000
Bandali, Sabrina, Toronto, $14,000
Butcher's Block Productions, Toronto, $9,000
Culchahworks Arts Collective, Toronto, $15,000
Feast Collective, Toronto, $5,000
Fine, Lois, Toronto, $5,000
green light arts, Kitchener, $5,000
Humsi, Nada, Kitchener, $8,000
Jun, Esther, Toronto, $8,000
Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Toronto, $18,000
Litmus Theatre Collective, Toronto, $8,000
Moveable Beast Collective, Toronto, $5,000
Olajide, Thomas, Stratford, $9,000
Pandemic Theatre, Toronto, $15,000
Pink Pluto, Toronto, $8,500
Quote Unquote Collective, Toronto, $5,000
SAWITRI Theatre Group, Mississauga, $8,000
Shadow of a Doubt Collective, Picton, $10,000
Shain, Alan, Ottawa, $5,000
The Snack Music Collective, Toronto, $6,000
Speedy Creek Productions, Toronto, $14,000
The Supine Collective, Toronto, $14,000
surface/underground theatre, Burlington, $12,000
Tangled Art + Disability, Toronto, $15,000
Theatre North, Sturgeon Falls, $7,500
Theatre Rusticle, Toronto, $5,000
Thompson, Severn, Toronto, $8,000
Videofag, Toronto, $15,000