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Ontario Arts Council

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Arts Service Organizations

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: February 3, 2015
Abel, David, Toronto
Adler, Howard, Ottawa
Ali, Irfan, Toronto
Carter, Sue, Toronto
Cooper, Ella, Toronto
Couchie, Penny, North Bay
Greyeyes, Alan, Winnipeg
Jacob, Luis, Toronto
Kajorinne, Carol, Thunder Bay
Kohli, Vikas, Mississauga
Martinez, Amanda, Toronto
Mehta, Mervon, Toronto
Packwood, Gail, Toronto
Quinton, Sarah, Toronto
Smith, Ariel, Ottawa
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:

Multi-Year Operating - Year 1
Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des Conservateurs Autochtones, Toronto, $25,270
Artist-Run Centres & Collectives of Ontario, London, $28,000
Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, Ontario Chapter, Toronto, $8,550
Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, $66,000
CARFAC Ontario, Toronto, $67,000
Craft Ontario, Toronto, $88,350
Dancer Transition Resource Centre, Toronto, $33,600
Folk Music Ontario, Ottawa, $45,125
FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association, Toronto, $29,925
League of Canadian Poets, Toronto, $61,750
Literary Press Group, Toronto, $37,250
MANO/RAMO, Toronto, $23,750
Ontario Association of Art Galleries, Toronto, $62,500
Ontario Presents, Toronto, $73,150
Playwrights Guild of Canada, Toronto, $55,000
Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT), Toronto, $47,500
Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, Toronto, $22,800
WorkInCulture, Toronto, $22,800
The Writers' Union of Canada, Toronto, $115,000

Arts Network for Children and Youth, Toronto, $25,000
ArtsBuild Ontario, Kitchener, $15,966
Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, London, $7,065
Canadian Authors Association, Orillia, $7,980
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, Toronto, $18,050
Canadian Dance Assembly, Toronto, $22,315
Canadian League of Composers / Ligue canadienne des compositeurs, Toronto, $10,830
CAPACOA, Ottawa, $13,680
Choirs Ontario, Toronto, $13,535
Cobalt Connects, Hamilton, $11,305
Cultural Industries Ontario North, Sudbury, $45,000
Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, Toronto, $30,000
Dance Ontario Association, Toronto, $24,365
The Documentary Organization of Canada / L'Association des documentaristes du Canada, Toronto, $13,535
Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA), Toronto, $30,000
Magazines Canada, Toronto, $46,025
Ontario Book Publishers Organization, Toronto, $9,475
Opera.ca, Toronto, $23,555
Orchestras Canada / Orchestres Canada, Peterborough, $68,100
Theatre Ontario, Toronto, $69,660