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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Deadline Date: April 1, 2016
Aumont, Sylvain, Vancouver
Hoyi, Yaovi, Ottawa
Sasyniuk, Shawn, Callander

Note: In Year 2 and 3 of a multi-year cycle, requests are reviewed by the officer and not an advisory panel.
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Multi-Year Operating - Year 3
Conseil des Arts de Hearst, Hearst, $39,900
Salon du livre de Toronto, Toronto, $21,375

Afrique Nouvelle Musique, Toronto, $14,440
Carrefour francophone de Sudbury, Sudbury, $31,011
Centre culturel Frontenac, Kingston, $23,750
Les Concerts La Nuit sur l'étang, Sudbury, $25,050
Festival Kompa-Zouk Ontario Inc., Toronto, $16,150
La Nouvelle Scène, Ottawa, $100,535
Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury, Sudbury, $42,750

This program is available in French only.