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Deadline Date: February 2, 2016
Anderson, Vikki, Toronto
Baig, Bilal, Toronto
Brackenridge, Brad, Peterborough
Ellis, Laura, Hannon
Waisvisz, Sarah, Ottawa
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
A Company of Fools Theatre Inc., Ottawa, $6,500
Ahuri Theatre, Toronto, $15,000
Bad New Days, Toronto, $10,500
Bhojani, Sehar, Toronto, $3,000
Birdbone Theatre, Kingston, $5,500
Blue Bird Theatre Collective, Toronto, $10,000
Chocolate Woman Collective, Toronto, $4,000
Colectivo Pez Luna / Moon Fish Collective, Toronto, $3,000
CreateTruth Productions, Toronto, $7,000
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Ontario Theatre Society, Ottawa, $9,000
In The Pits Collective, Toronto, $3,000
LACE Productions, Toronto, $1,000
left hand theatre, Toronto, $15,000
Litmus Theatre Collective, Toronto, $12,000
MacMahon, Anthony, Toronto, $3,000
Moleman Productions, Toronto, $7,000
Never Mind the Noise, Stratford, $7,500
O'Brien, Michael, Toronto, $3,000
One Little Goat Theatre Company, Toronto, $3,000
PIECE OF MINE Festival, Toronto, $7,500
Rexe, Hillary, Toronto, $3,000
Richards, Karie, Toronto, $3,000
Saga Collectif, Toronto, $15,000
Salt Baby Collective, Toronto, $3,000
Seybold, Adam, Toronto, $3,000
Skeleton Key Theatre, Ottawa, $6,000
Solomon, Chad, Peterborough, $4,000
Spiderbones Performing Arts, Toronto, $4,500
Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective, Toronto, $9,000
The Stones Project, Toronto, $7,000
Story, Kate, Peterborough, $8,000
Sundown Theatre, Kincardine, $10,000
TACTICS, Ottawa, $9,000
Tetrault Arts Productions, Toronto, $10,000
Theatre North, Sturgeon Falls, $11,000
Woolfe, Eric, Toronto, $4,000
Yell Rebel, Toronto, $5,000