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Ontario Arts Council

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Artists in the Community/Workplace

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: October 4, 2016
Ahmadi, Salomeh, Toronto
Akpata, John, Ottawa
Barber, Anne, Toronto
Hirmer, Lisa, Guelph
Rangnekar, Aparna, Milton
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Ahuri Theatre, Toronto, $10,000
Arts4All Creative Society, Toronto, $10,000
Burning Passions Theatre, Perth, $9,250
Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth, Toronto, $9,250
Family Mediation Resources Centre, Oshawa, $7,714
Gesser, Dalia, Battersea, $6,915
Gomez, Paola, Toronto, $9,000
In Forma Theatre, Toronto, $9,250
Mauricette, Sean, Toronto, $10,000
May, Erica, Toronto, $4,653
McNeilly, Mosa Neshamá, Toronto, $10,000
Multicultural Arts for Schools & Communities (MASC), Ottawa, $10,000
Nakogee, Darren, North Bay, $6,400
Spasic, Ksenija, Toronto, $9,000
Think 2Wice, Brampton, $7,416
Thinking Rock Community Arts, Thessalon, $10,000
Tyo, Richard, Kingston, $3,340
Verstappen, Marjan, Toronto, $6,000
Zier-Vogel, Lindsay, Toronto, $7,370