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Playwright Residency

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: April 1, 2016
Allison, Thom, Toronto
Carmichael, Jessica, St. Catharines
Reece, Luke, Mississauga
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Alcampo, Jo SiMalaya, Toronto, $7,500 (with Cahoots Theatre Company)
Anderson, Jessica, Hamilton, $8,000 (with Tottering Biped Theatre)
Baig, Bilal, Toronto, $10,000 (with Theatre Passe Muraille)
Harris, Jenna, Toronto, $10,000 (with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)
Ho, Jeffrey, Toronto, $10,000 (with Nightswimming)
Maghanoy, Jason, Toronto, $9,000 (with fu-GEN Theatre Company)
Mitchell, Alanna, Toronto, $10,000 (with The Theatre Centre)
Roy, Anusree, Toronto, $10,000 (with Young People’s Theatre)
Sherman, Jason, Toronto, $10,000 (with Studio 180 Theatre)
Tannahill, Jordan, Toronto, $10,000 (with Necessary Angel Theatre Company)
Tilly, Grant, Toronto, $8,000 (with Theatre Orangeville)
Waisvisz, Sarah, Ottawa, $10,000 (with Great Canadian Theatre Company)
Witzel, Ted, Toronto, $6,000 (with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)