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Ontario Arts Council

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Word of Mouth

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: December 1, 2016
Laguerre, Djennie, Toronto
Singh, Chet, Lakefield
VanWyck, Ashley, Windsor
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Agostinho (Archer), Rhiannon, Toronto, $5,000
Kelly, Patrick, St. Agatha, $5,000
Keteku, Ian, Toronto, $6,500
McCormick, Catherine, Waterloo, $5,000
McLeod, Brendan, Toronto, $8,760
Merleau, David, North Bay, $5,000
Petch, Cathy, Toronto, $5,000
Reid, Nea, Waterdown, $2,500 (co-recipient); Wojciechowska, Victoria, Hamilton, $2,500 (co-recipient)
Rodriguez, Rico, Toronto, $5,000
Shraya, Vivek, Toronto, $5,000
Silverberg, David, Toronto, $5,000