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Deadline Date: August 3, 2016
Anderson, Jessica, Hamilton
Fairbrother, Meegwun, Toronto
Grandfield, Cathi, Thunder Bay
Ho, Jeffrey, Toronto
Steinberg, Bronwyn, Ottawa
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Adam, Genevieve, Toronto, $12,000
Actors Repertory Company (o/a ARC), Toronto, $7,000
Albert, Michael, Toronto, $6,000
bluemouth inc. presents, Toronto, $12,000
Bou-Matar, Majdi, Kitchener, $8,000
Cocodrilo Triste Theatre Collective, Toronto, $5,000
Dead Roads Collective, Toronto, $8,000
Directors Lab North, Toronto, $6,000
ECT Collective, Toronto, $5,500
Everything but the Bard, Toronto, $8,000
Flashing Lights, Toronto, $11,000
Flood, Patricia, Guelph, $7,500
The Gladstone Steering Committee, Ottawa, $12,000
The Howland Company, Toronto, $7,500
It Could Still Happen, Toronto, $10,000
The Kooni Kollective, Toronto, $4,000
M City Collective, Toronto, $3,000
Miller, Justin, Toronto, $5,500
Miwa, Mathew, Ottawa, $5,000
Moveable Beast Collective, Toronto, $11,000
New Stages Peterborough, Peterborough, $5,000
Núñez, Mariló, Hamilton, $8,000
Paradigm Productions, Toronto, $12,000
Pea Green Theatre Group, Toronto, $4,000
PeerLess Productions, Kingston, $11,000
Phokeev, Polina, Toronto, $4,000
Pink Pluto, Toronto, $9,000
Project: Humanity, Toronto, $15,000
the red light district, Toronto, $7,500
Smoothieland Performance Projects, Toronto, $9,000
Sulong Theatre Collective, Toronto, $14,000
Theatre PANIK, Toronto, $12,000
Theatre Rusticle, Toronto, $10,000
timeshare, Toronto, $6,500
The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Picton, $10,000