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Deadline Date: October 4, 2016
Aubry, François, Toronto (French jury)
Backo, Njacko, Toronto (French jury)
Forslund, Alana, Thunder Bay (English jury)
French, Whitney, Toronto (English jury)
Leon, Lilia, Toronto (English jury)
Longboat, Jerry, Ottawa (English jury)
Nadeau, Stephanie, Ottawa (French jury)
O'Neill, Dave, Cambridge (English jury)
Topp, Pandora, Sudbury (French jury)
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Aiding Dramatic Change in Development, Toronto, $12,000
The Artists Mentoring Youth Project Inc., Toronto, $12,000
Belete, Emebet, Belleville, $6,000
Carrefour francophone de Sudbury, Sudbury, $11,000
Centre[3] for Print and Media Art, Hamilton, $10,000
CONTACT contemporary music, Toronto, $6,000
Copping, John, Toronto, $10,420
Feminist Art Conference, Toronto, $5,740
Festival de la St-Jean Ottawa, Ottawa, $11,000
First Place Clinic and Regional Resource Centre, Thunder Bay, $6,400
Fitzmaurice, Susan, Toronto, $12,000
Girls Rock Camp Toronto, Toronto, $10,000
green light arts, Kitchener, $7,000
H'art Centre of Smiles, Kingston, $10,150
Hage, Caroline, Toronto, $8,000
Hamilton Youth Poets, Hamilton, $12,000
The inPrint Collective, Toronto, $7,500
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture, Toronto, $10,000
Kendal Urbach, Susan, Barrie, $5,500 (co-applicant); Lewis, Marlisha, Barrie, $5,500 (co-applicant)
Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Kingston, $5,000
London Dance Festival, London, $11,000
Magnus Theatre Company, Thunder Bay, $3,000
Mann, Jeffrey, Kingston, $4,510
Mockett, Christine, Ottawa, $12,000
Mouvement d'implication francophone d'Orléans, Orléans, $7,124
Off the Wall, Stratford Artists Alliance, Stratford, $11,000
Paprika Festival, Toronto, $9,000
Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, $10,000
Roots Research and Creation Collective, Toronto, $12,000
Sabaye Moghaddam, Maria, Kanata, $10,000
Sick Muse Art Projects, Toronto, $10,000
Story Planet, Toronto, $12,000
Tara Luz Danse, Orléans, $11,000
Théâtre français de Toronto, Toronto, $12,000
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Toronto, $10,800
The Watah Theatre, Toronto, $12,000